Life and Time of ME!

The book of my life.

Day 4

Second half of day 4. First half is on twitter. Anyways the goddess did not work today. Now that I think about it, a lot of cute girls walk into my work place today. There was this moment today when a cute girl walked in and I was like right next to me. She was there for like a good 2 minutes. During that time I was just hella stress. I was trying to talk to her but like my body just couldn’t move. God she was cute. She was about 5’4. Skinny. No body on her but a cute face. Not my kind of girl but I just wanted to talk to her. Sighhhh. But it didn’t happen. There was this white girl, buying stuff and whatnot. I talked to her, but it was quick. It seem like she wanted to talk more but was like wanting me to intiate more of the conversation. But I didn’t. Fuck I regret that. She was cute too. Fuck. Also the “Korean” girl came into the store today too. She came when I was leaving the store too. My luck with the opposite sex is really bad. The funny part about today was my conversation with this old Viet lady. I see her alot so this time she started asking me question. It was a good 7 to 8 min conversation. She started off by saying she sees me a lot when she comes and that I must be a hard worker since I’m always working. Then after that she kept saying she thought I was Viet. I told her “No I’m not” the she proceeds to say am I Korean or Chinese. I’m like I’m neither and that I’m Hmong. Then after that She was like what I wanted to be in the future and I’m like Engineering Science Technician. Then she was like, was I single and that what kind of girl I liked. She called me handsome too. Hahahaha it was a really weird conversation. I felt as if she was trying to get at me or that she was seeing If I was a fit for her daughter or something. But she called me handsome and that’s a plus! YEAH! Let’s hope the goddess works tomorrow. So that I can at least say to her what I’ve been practicing  to say to her. LOL. There’s another cute girl, who works at my place. I always see her. She’s really cute. I wanted to go up to her earlier when I left and say “Hey, ring me up!” and give her my number. lol But that’ll be too weird since. I’ve never once talked to her before. sighhhh. My luck is lame. 

Day 3

I didn’t work today, so I did not see the goddess. But anyways I had a long day though. Went to my uncles house so that he can help me install my deck and speakers. Found out that what I bought was shit and that it was basically generic crap. I could have just ask my uncles for decks and speaker. So I’m gonna return what I bought since I can get better stuff. I got new speakers install. 4 total. 2 JBL speakers for my side doors and 2 Sony speakers for the back. I can finally feel my music now!! The only problem was that my uncle was not able to find his deck for me. He bought it for 300 dollars!!!!! It would have been so good if he had found it. But it’s ok. With the money I get from my return Item I’ll use that and other money to buy a better deck. After that I basically just hanged out with my uncles and they were basically telling me to not regret what I’m doing and that I should just live my life. Basically telling me to talk to all the girls. Don’t be a wimp cause you’re young only once in your life. I’m at the prime of my youth and I should be getting all the “bitches” or at the very least be talking to ever girl. If you talk to 100 girls and they reject you, what if the 101 girls accepts you, you know. You HEAR ME GODDESS! If you work tomorrow, I’ll definitely come for that ass!!! I mean, I’ll come for that heart of yours. Cause you already have mine. So it’s only even if I have yours. 

Day 2

Before I write. If you wanna read Day 1, then check my twitter at Anyways. Day 2. What is there to say. I still did not talk to the goddess. Like we past by each other multiple time. There was a time where we were like 3 feet next to each other walking face to face and everything but I chose to turn my head and ignore her. Then another time I was walking behind her and like she turned around for a bit but right when she turned I turn my head towards my right while walking straight. Sighh….. I’m so lame. Even though that was sad and all today, the saddest part was having a co-worker leave to another store. I lost a co-worker today. He’ll be working at a different store. Man, thinking that I’ll never see this guy again really hurts. Like he was also the guy I worked with the most and he taught me so much. It’s funny how he like knew how I worked and knew how I was gonna do something before I do it. So he knew what exactly he had to do to help me or work around me. It was sad, since the last hour of my shift I was helping him doing everything, and in my mind I’m just like damn, this is the last time I’ll be working with him. Even though he didn’t live in Sac he would always recommend a place for me to eat. Hahaha. After I finished helping him out. He came up to me and gave me a handshake, saying he was glad to work with me and good luck in the future. Goodbye Patrick. I’ll miss you. 

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The starlight that shines brightly from far away 
The wind that knocks on my shoulders


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